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We provide papers on topics related to Jung's matters. Many treats of the dream interpretation method and other related topics.

Our papers are written in PDF (what is this?). They may be read on your PC or any mobile device.

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List of Available Papers

Jung and Religion

Generally speaking Carl Jung's approach of religion looks very ardent and enthusiastic. Many would claim that he was a religious person who had faith in God, and so forth. Starting from two of his quotes, this paper shows us the way Jung thought about religion back when he corresponded with Sigmund Freud.

[PDF, word count: 739 - Price $5]
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Jung and I Ching

This is a short presentation of Jung's experience with I Ching, including his explanation of the way the oldest divinatory book works even today.

[PDF, word count: 780 - Price: $5.95]
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 I Ching and Psychotherapy

This paper deals with the Jungian psychotherapy made easy with the help of
I Ching. It comments on a case analysis and a dream interpretation both worked out with the help of I Ching divination.

[PDF, word count: 1255 - Price: $9.95]
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Example of Using I Ching in Dream Interpretation

The author offers an example of a dream interpreted with the help of I Ching. Useful for Jungian psychotherapists as well. Please note that this paper is offered free with the course Jung and Dreams.

[PDF, word count: 810 - Price $5.95]
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A Symptomatic Dream of Carl Jung

This paper comments on a dream by Carl Jung published in his Memories, Dreams, Reflections. The dream occurred at the time of his collaboration with Sigmund Freud. The paper stresses the importance of the Freudian approach of this dream.

[PDF, word count: 1584 - Price: $15]
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Snake Symbolism in Dreams and Fantasies

This paper analyzes the snake symbolism in dreams and fantasies as approached by Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud. Finally, the author offers an example of interpretation of snake symbol in a dream. In doing this, he applies both methods of interpretation.

[PDF, word count: 1783 - Price $10]
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Symbols and Symbolism at Jung and Freud

Though one of the most influential Freud's adepts, Carl Jung developed his own psychology and mainly his way of approaching symbols. This paper presents the specific of Freud and Jung in dealing with symbols.

[PDF, word count: 1535 - Price $10]
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Dreams and Synchronicity

This is the bonus paper of our email course on dream interpretation method at Jung. It deals with synchronicity and dream interpretation commenting on a dream dreamt by Jung.

[PDF, word count 1033 - Price $5]
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Coming Soon

Jung and Astrology -  provides an analysis of the elements of a natal chart and their meaning in the Jungian approach of psyche.

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