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Our site provides various papers on Jung's topics and mainly dream interpretation issues. You may read a short presentation of each of them and click Buy Now button to be taken to the order page.

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List of Available Papers

A Symptomatic Dream of Carl Jung

This paper is a comment of one of the dreams Carl Jung published and interpreted in his "Memories, Dreams, Reflections" autobiography.

In short, the author quotes a larger excerpt from this book and adds his own comments trying to prove that Jung's interpretation is not accurate, that it sends to ideas and feelings suggested by Freud, but denied by Jung.

The dream occurred at a time when Freud's collaboration with Jung was very promising; nevertheless, it foreshadows the future break spending up all the resources of a spectacular friendship.

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Example of Using I Ching in Dream Interpretation

The author offers an example of a dream interpreted with the help of the I Ching ( Book of Changes). This may be useful in Jungian psychotherapy that makes use of I Ching oracle as means of accessing the unconscious.

[4-page paper, PDF, 16 kb - Price $5.95]

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Snake Symbolism in Dreams and Fantasies

This paper analyzes the snake symbolism as approached by Jung and Freud in dreams and fantasies. Finally, the author offers an example of interpretation of snake in a specific dream. In doing this, he applies both methods: Freudian and Jungian.

[5-page paper, PDF, 16 kb - Price $10]

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Jung and Religion

Generally speaking Jung's approach of religion looks very ardent and enthusiastic. Many would claim that Jung was a religious person who had faith in God. This paper offers a contradictory view on Jung relation with religion and 2 quotes - one from Jung's early correspondence with Freud, and the other from a letter to a disciple treating of religion issue.

[739 words, PDF, 13 Kb - Price $5]

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Symbols and Symbolism at Jung and Freud

Though one of the most influential Freud's adept, Carl Jung developed his own psychology and mainly way of approaching symbols and symbolism. This paper discusses the specific of Freud and Jung in dealing with symbols.

[1535 words, PDF, 13 Kb - Price $10]

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Dreams and Synchronicity

This is the bonus paper of our email course on dream method at Jung (click here to learn more about this course). You'll learn about how Jung discovered the synchronicity principle and its relation with archetypes and dreams.

[1023 words, PDF, 20 Kb - Price $5]

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