Jung and Dreams

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This course deals with dream interpretation according to Carl Jung’s method.

It provides examples of dreams interpreted – several collected from Jung’s works – while explaining the basics.

More resources are suggested should you want to continue your learning.

Delivery. The course is made of 12 lessons sent through email on schedule of one lesson every two days.


1. What is a Dream? (Jungian’s View)
Explains what is a dream according to Jung’s view.

2. Interpretation Features at Jung
Explains in short Jung’s specific approach of dreams.

3. About Compensation
Explains the compensation feature.

4. Subject Level
Explains the subject level feature opposed to the Freudian object level.

5. About the Prospective Aspect
Prospective, that is, pointing to a specific goal.

6. The Method of Associations
Explains what is this method and how we work with it.

7. Amplification Method
Explains what is and how we handle it according to Jung.

8. Archetypes in Dreams (Anima, Animus, Self)
Shows how archetype images occur in dreams and explains their meaning.

9. Example of a Dream Interpreted through Jungian Amplification
Provides hints of how to use this method.

10. Dream Interpretation and the Individuation Process
Sometimes dreams point to the individuation process, meaning the realization of one’s completeness. This lesson illustrates this startling feature.

11. Example of Using I Ching* in Dream Interpretation
Shows how you may use I Ching (Book of Changes) to help you decipher the meaning of a dream.

12. Dreams and Synchronicity
Synchronicity, another important Jungian concept, applied to the interpretation of a personal dream.

* I Ching (Book of Changes) is an ancient book of divination used by the Chinese emperors and princes. Jung has studied it, used it and presented it to the western world.


  • Dreams dictionary of terms (PDF).

Quiz. There’s a final quiz you may take to test your acquired knowledge (not mandatory).

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30 thoughts on “Jung and Dreams

    • J Jones says:

      Dear Samantha,
      We issue a certificate of attendance should you complete the course, the final quiz and compose an essay on the matters approached during the course. The certificate is charged with an extra $75 for handling. I suggest you take the course (don’t pay for the certificate prior of completing the course), and ask for the certificate upon completion.

  1. I have a very active life. I’m a musician, so practice every day. I play at least once a week with other people, and perform a different song, twice a month at a jam. I also have some temporary medical problems that take up quite a bit of my time — tests, therapy, etc. I hope that will end in Feb. or March. My physical movements get slower all the time, as I am quite the elder. I used to be very fast moving, but now I operate about half-speed. Walking , showering, moving around in the house, and brushing my teeth, for instance, take time. So my question is: how much time each day would you recommend I spend on interpreting my dreams? I would love to start again. When I was actively doing dream interpretation with one of your courses, I was spending about 2 hours each session. I can’t do that anymore. Maybe I have to just skip dream interpretation for now….what do you suggest?

    • J Jones says:

      First thing first you should ask yourself why do interpret dreams? Is for amusement only or you are for the psychological impact and development they (dreams) grant?

  2. Hi my nameis Felisha,
    I came across ur name and what Carl Gustav Jung studied and it happen to relate to my personal personality. Though I am most ppl would say a very unique or different type of person based on my actions,thoughts and knowledge in life and on human race. I am seeking out answers and meanings to understand who I truly am.
    Not exactly what I may get back but Ima put all my faith in this being a light in my life to finally having explanation on finding how to or what I need in order to make since of my life.

    • J Jones says:

      Unfortunately this happens many times. You have two choices: try a new payment through PayPal (or credit card if you don’t want to register for an account with them), or ask us to send you a payment request (which is the best solution in your case). If you need a payment request, make sure you have an email address registered with them. Send us a message with details about your registered email and the course you wish to take.

  3. KhimJoe says:

    Hi I had just bought this course, and had sent an blank mail to aropa, looking forward of receiving the course!

  4. regina says:

    Hi I paid for course on yesterday 8 october, sent blank email but haven’t received anything in return, I have also checked spam folder

    • J Jones says:

      We already served all the orders received. If you didn’t receive anything from us, please check your spam folder. Or else send us a copy of the invoice to check what happened.

  5. Samatha says:

    Jung or Jungians? I thing there’s a huge difference. I mean, they’re not the same. So what do you sell Jung or Jungians?

  6. astralastra says:

    Couldn’t find any course on Jung dreams until this one. I wonder why. Are you and your team experts in Jungian matters? I feel it is a very difficult subject to approach just in an online course.

  7. PlanetaryApothecary says:

    Hi! I have several questions:

    * What is the difference between the course and the workshop?

    * What is the media used in the course? Written material, audio?

    * Also, is there a time limit as to for how long the materials are accessible, or are they sent to us and we can access them whenever we want?

    Thank you!

    • admin says:

      1. Workshop means you submit a dream interpreted by you and get help to learn how-to.
      2. No media, only text and final quiz
      3. The course is sent as lessons through email to your inbox on schedule. It’s yours so you can study whenever you want.

  8. Jung individuation process is described through many dreams one should collect and interpret as a whole. Do you help me with this task should I take this course?

  9. Hi, I am Myra a Jungian psychotherapist. I read your course which I found informative. I am interested in a collaboration on Jungian dreams interpretation. The dreams volume would be about 1-5 per month. I am looking forward for your response.

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