I Ching Methods and Meaning

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As you know, Jung has dedicated much interest to the study of the I Ching (Book of Changes).

He used the Book as oracle and wrote an introductory paper to the English version.

Unfortunately and despite Jung’s introduction, I Ching content, divination method and interpretation of the answers are very difficult to handle by laymen.

I Ching

I Ching dyagram with the elements, the eight basic trigrams and the yin-yang symbol in the center. (Source: 123rf.com)

This is why we created this 10-lesson email course, addressed to beginnerss, explaining the content and methods of divination.

We also offer a few hints on how to understand the oracle’s answers.

Content and delivery. The course is made of ten lessons sent through email on schedule of one lesson every two days.

Here are the lessons:

1. Basic Things One Must Know About Oracles;
2. The First Encounter with the I Ching Oracle

3. Translations and Versions;
4. Content of the Book;
5. Usage of the Oracle (methods of asking questions);

Applied divination
6. The Oracle and the Life of the Couple;
7. Business and the Oracle;
8. Health and the Oracle;
9. The Oracle in Political Life;

Know how
10. Hints on Understanding the Answers.

Quiz. There’s a final quiz to test your acquired knowledge (not mandatory).

Bonus. Take this course now and receive the free I Ching dictionary of Jung’s terms (PDF).

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