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Carl Jung

We provide several courses on matters related to Carl Jung’s work. We designed them for beginners, that is, with accessibility in mind.

So you don’t need to know anything about Jung’s concepts and method prior of registering with our courses. And what is worth, you study at your own pace, without having to register and visit an e-learning platform.

Here’s the list of our available courses:

Jung and Dreams

A 12-lesson course dealing with Jung’s method of dream interpretation. Workshop is available upon your request. Final quiz and online support. More…

Dream Interpretation Methods

Deals with several dream interpretation methods from the bush people up to the psychoanalytic era of Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud. Many examples are given on how to proceed with your dreams according to these methods. More…

I Ching Methods and Meaning

Carl Jung devoted many years to the study of this ancient Chinese divination book. He also wrote an introduction to the Wilhelm-Baynes version and used the book to inquire into the meaning of archetypes and dreams. This course provides an easy and quick introduction to what is I Ching and its usage. More…

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  1. bastas says:

    What about Freud? Do you also have courses treating his method of dreams? I am interested in this too. I am a student studying the dreams and their psychology. Thanks.

  2. bonjob says:

    Hi. I am interested in juour course and need to know if you offer help with student’s dreams. I mean I have an old dream of mine I never forgot and would like to know what it means. Could you help me with this dream or do I pay more fees? Thanks.

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