Dream Interpretation Methods

A 10-lesson course delivered through email

This course provides a comparison between several dream interpretation methods, from the primitives to the psychoanalytic era of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. It offers examples of dreams interpreted through these methods and helps you with your dreams through the home assignments (not mandatory).

– You learn to recognize the dream-visions, the prophetic dreams, and the dreams caused by repressed wishes or pointing to the Jungian individuation process;
– You may start your own experience with dream interpretation using different methods.

Content and delivery. The course is made of ten lessons sent through email on schedule of one lesson every two days.

1. Dreams Interpretation in the Primitive World
2. Dream Interpretation in the Old Testament
3. Dream Interpretation at Artemidorus
4. The Classification of Dreams at Macrobius
5. The Psychoanalytic Approach: Sigmund Freud
6. Example of Dream Interpreted According to Freud’s Method
7. Carl Jung and the Archetypal Dreams
8. Example of Dream Interpreted According to Jung’s Method
+ Example of a premonitory dream that helped Jung to solve one of his cases (PDF)
9. Cicero and the Divinatory Dreams
10. St. Augustine about Dreams

Quiz:There’s a final quiz to test your acquired knowledge (not mandatory).

Bonus. Example of a dream interpreted on 3 levels. This paper shows you how to deal with a dream on three levels of interpretation. (PDF).

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