Dream Interpretation Pack

A 4-item dream interpretation resource ($15 off)

This pack consists in two courses and two papers (PDF).

It has been created for people willing to study Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation and also have access to more online resources connected to it.

It includes the following:

[1] Dream Interpretation Methods – 10-lesson email course;
[2] Jung and Dreams – 12-lesson email course;
[3] How we Deal with a Dream on 3 Levels (PDF);
[4] Snake Symbolism in Dreams and Fantasies (PDF).

Delivery – By email

Online help and assistance. We help you with the courses lessons should you need further assistance. Just send your questions to the course email address and we’ll reply shortly.

Quiz. After completing the courses you may take our online quizzes to test your acquired knowledge (not mandatory).

Cost: $50 $35 ($15 discount expires on August 1)

Buy this course through credit card or PayPal and start reading within a few hours. (Should you need another payment method, please ask).

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One thought on “Dream Interpretation Pack

  1. I had a waking dream of me on a swing being pushed by a creature laying on his back pushing me with his feet and reading a book to me. A large snake going by with flours sprouting flowers form looking at me smiling . Grass was lush green grass and a beautiful stream babbling by. Over all it was a blissful experience. It seemed to be the child in me that hid me here while being abused as a child.

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