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We offer online assistance should you need to interpret your dream(s) according to Jung's method.

First of all we suggest you take our online course to learn the procedure - please, visit the course page here.

Although you may ask for our support, without taking the course, in two easy steps:

1. Pay now the assistance fee (click the button below),

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2. Send us your dream.

Things you should do when
submitting your dream

1. Write your dream;

2. Describe the social context of the dream: your actual concerns and expectations, your hopes and fears and everything that must be connected with your dream;

3. Offer the free associations to the dream parts (the Freudian way);

4. Offer the amplification of the dream symbol(s), if necessary;

5. Submit your own interpretation of the dream no matter how much accurate.

Send your dream to J Jones at You'll receive an answer (that may include supplementary questions) within two business days.

Please note that we don't interpret your dream but assist you with your work and suggest the way you should proceed.

Benefits of working with your dreams

- First thing first, you find out the unconscious issue affecting your feel of wellness and leading to failure in your everyday life.

- Secondly, you learn to deal with this issue by using the valuable information offered by your dreams in a symbolic manner.

- Finally, you may start your individuation process leading to the psychic wholeness.

Need more information about this service? Please send us your question to

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