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A 12-lesson Dream Interpretation Course

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This course is designed to teach you the dream interpretation method of Carl Jung. You'll learn about its basic features, such as: archetypes in dreams, the subject level, the prospective approach, the synchronicity, the archetypes, and many more. We provide many examples of interpreted dreams to show you how it works.

Benefit. According to Jung, dream interpretation helps us to explore the collective unconscious in search of archetypes that leads us to the revelation of the meaning and sense. Both contribute to the further development of the ego-unconscious dialogue that leads to the final goal which is the realization of the Self (the individuation process). We teach you how dreams are dealt with in order to achieve this goal.

Course content and delivery. This course is made of 12 lessons sent as email messages directly to your email address on a schedule, that is, one lesson every two days. You may read them on your PC, mobile device or tablet. You may save and print them if you need to.

Online help and assistance. Whenever you need help with the course topics just ask J Jones or visit our Jung Discussion Group (see below). Your questions are answered in no time. If you wish to learn more about the dream interpretation practice just order our workshop version by choosing this option on the order page. (What is this?)

Here are the Lessons:


What is a Dream? (Jung's View)


Interpretation Features at Jung


On Compensation


Subject Level


On the Prospective Aspect


Method of Free Association


Amplification Method


Archetypes in Dreams (anima, animus, the Self)


Example of a Dream Interpreted through Jungian Amplification


Dream Interpretation and the Individuation Process


Example of Using I Ching in Dream Interpretation


Dreams and Synchronicity

Quiz. Upon completing the course you may take the online quiz to test your acquired knowledge (not mandatory).

Bonus. Take this course now and we send you a 9-page PDF paper on the snake symbolism in dreams and fantasies, plus the Jung's dictionary of dream-terms.

Cost: $25

Order this course now through credit card or PayPal and start reading the same day. Please click the button below to be taken to our secure order page.

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    Course delivery: Upon the payment confirmation you'll be giving a link leading to the delivery page. Please read and follow.

Any Questions? Click here to read our Q&A or subscribe to our Jung Discussions Group to post your questions or read what others already posted. Click here to access the group page.


Note about email teaching.
There's a huge difference between the basic learning platforms and ours. In our case you don't have to register online and provide your personal details in order to start the course. You don't have to login every day to a course page in order to read the lessons. You learn at your own pace and save time.

Still you have access to the course resources and support. The support is offered upon your request by the course author and is customized to fit your real needs.
Should you wish to continue your study, we suggest further resources.

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