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Carl Jung pictureThis site is designed to offer online resources for the study of Carl Jung theories and methods of exploration of the unconscious. If you are looking for teachings on Carl Jung's ideas and concepts this site is for you. Please note that our resources are classified into five sections:

Articles & Papers - approaching the most known Jung's theories and methods such as the anima-animus, the archetypes, the collective unconscious, the individuation process, synchronicity, alchemy, astrology, I Ching, dream interpretation, symbol analysis and more. Also you find teachings about the concept of Self and wholeness in Jung's practice.

Online courses - If you are not happy just to read the materials posted on this site, you may step further and study the Jung's method of dealing with dreams. This way you test the Jungian method and its basic features like subject level and the amplification method. Our email courses address these topics.

    -> Please note that our courses are unique on the Net as nobody ever offered this direct approach of Jung's ideas and methods. Moreover, our courses are designed for beginners!

Right now we offer one premium pack and two courses as shown below:

icon Dream Interpretation Methods
a 10-lesson course dealing with dream interpretation methods up to Carl Jung's. Click here to learn more.

iconJung and Dreams - a 12-lesson course approaching Jung's method of dream interpretation. Click here to learn more.

iconDream Interpretation Pack
Everything you need to know about Jung's approach of dreams. Click
here to learn more.

Most Recommended Books - Our bookstore suggest several must-read books about Jung or written by him.
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Jung Discussion Group - A place to meet others like you, to post your questions and read what others think. Online registration here .

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