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Dream Interpretation Pack

Dream Interpretation Pack picture

- $15 Discount -

This pack is designed for people interested in dream interpretation and especially in Jung's method of dealing with dreams. It consists in two email courses as listed below (please click the titles to learn more):

    [1] Dream Interpretation Methods* - a 10-lesson email course treating of the dream interpretation methods up to Freud's and Jung's;

    [2] Jung and Dreams - a 12-lesson email course treating of the Jung's method of dream interpretation.

BONUS: Should you take this pack now you'll be given a free PDF paper analyzing several symbols occurring in our dreams (such as bride, snake, water, ring, blood and more) (Worth $5.95).

Our courses are made of lessons delivered through email on a schedule of one lesson every two days.

The bonus is sent upon the completion of the second course.

Finally you may take the online quizzes to test your acquired knowledge (not mandatory).

Delivery: By email

Cost: $100 $85

Order this course through Fastspring (credit card, PayPal or wire transfer).
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Delivery & support. Upon the completion of your payment, you'll receive an email with instruction about the course registration . Please read and follow.

Should you have any problems with the payment procedure, please contact us at support@carl-jung.net. We suggest you enter our email address in your contact list to be sure you'll receive our answer in your inbox. We respond within one business day.

    - More about our courses here.

    - Questions and answers here.


* Please notice that the pack version of this course doesn't include the home assignments and the workshop feature. Should you need these features too, please take the course version instead.

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