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Dreams of Pandemic

Dreams of pandemic

In general, these are dreams about the presence of foreign persons in the dreamer's house or room.

The house is regarded as a symbol of the individual, of what he is from a psychosomatic point of view. The presence of foreign persons is regarded as an offense to property and intimacy. Think about how you would actually feel if you woke up with a few strangers in your house, who don't want to leave or are even threatening you. Their presence is felt as a flagrant violation of your owner rights.

I recorded dreams in which strangers appear that the dreamer tries to expel with more or less success.

Or, in another case, it's about families with children who come to live with the dreamer even though they have no right to do so.

A dream that I found extremely interesting: the dreamer - a man - dreams that he is climbing a ladder leading to his place and is followed and even poked by about three men who were slightly drunk, apparently tourists, who were also rushing in the same direction, without any embarrassment, asking they be allowed to pass. Noteworthy is the spiral staircase - an obvious symbol of the DNA spiral.

There is also another theme that may arise in connection with the pandemic: the thief theme. The dreamer has his personal car stolen or other sets that make up the car - and here we can see clearly the allusion to the infection (the "stolen" parts can be somatic indications).

The theme of the invasion also occurs - an alien invasion from an extremely advanced civilization. This is in sharp contrast to what we know about the structure of the virus, which is not actually a complex organism but can be "advanced" in the sense that it undergoes mutations that can make it much more "sophisticated".

And finally, the storm. Someone dreams of his defunct mother pointing to a devastating storm approaching shown through the window. The dream came about a week before the infection spread in the dreamer's country. It also shows the evolution of events in the dreamer's city which is completely destroyed. The dreamer escapes miraculously...

The dream with the storm also contains the theme of the presence of three foreign people, this time in the mother's house, whom the dreamer is trying to dispel but not too firmly, rather amicable.

The dreamer has knowledge of Christian vocabulary and symbols and associates to the three persons the concept of the Holy Trinity. Of course, the idea of dispelling the third seems initially inexplicable and unacceptable. However, to associate God with the scourge of the pandemic is understandable. It refers to the biblical myth of Sodom and Gomorrah.

It is interesting that, although less based on the dreams, scientist and parascientist people have already launched the idea that virus infection is not of terrestrial origin (the conspiracy theory). It comes from above, from the atmosphere/sky, as if someone or something would spray the earth with viruses. This would also explain the almost uniform and rapid spread.

And one more thing, viruses seemingly already exist in each of us and become dangerous, deadly, to some, for unknown reasons.

Let us conclude that the theme of illegal and offensive penetration of the intimate, psychosomatic space, and the need for a strike back is the most frequent in dreams inspired by the threat of viral infection. It is logical to be so since in reality we are totally powerless confronted with this aggressors.


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Paper by Ana Styla
(psychoanalysis researcher and writer)


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