Jung and Dreams Course

What is the workshop version?

Dream interpretation (analysis) is the basic method used by Carl Jung to explore the contents of the collective unconscious. These contents are also called archetypes, that is innate patterns for the development of one complete person (also called the Self).

Our course was designed for people interested in the Jungian individuation. Therefore we offer teachings about the handling of dreams and also an post-course online assistance (the workshop version) if you want to give a try to the method and start working with your own dreams.

In short, upon the completion of the course, you'll be invited to submit the interpretation of one of your dreams to our assistance. This way you may verify the method and notice its benefit for your self-development.

    Please keep in mind that we don't interpret your dream but give you hints on how to do it yourself.

The entire procedure may take up to five email conversations (taking about one month long).

Should you need more help, just ask.

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