Jung and Dreams Lessons

Below are listed the course lessons and short explanation of each of them:

1. What is a Dream? (Jungian’s View).
Explains what is a dream according with Jung’s view.

2. Interpretation Features at Jung.
Meaning the contribution of Jung to the method of dream interpretation.

3. On Compensation
Explains the compensation feature.

4. Subject Level
Explains the subject level feature opposed to the Freudian object level.

5. On Prospective Aspect.
Prospective, meaning leading to a specific goal, is another Jungian contribution to the method of dream interpretation

6. The Method of Associations.
Explains what is this method and how we work with it.

7. Amplification Method.
Explains what is and how we handle it according to Jung.

8. Archetypes in Dreams (Anima, Animus, Self).
Shows how Jungian archetypes occur in dreams and explains their meaning.

Further resources for the study of archetypes in dreams (PDF):
– The Meaning of Anima in Dreams;
– The Meaning of a Dream with the Shadow.

9. Example of a Dream Interpreted through Jungian Amplification.
Provides hints of how to use this method.

10. Dream Interpretation and the Individuation Process.
Dreams are means leading to the individuation, meaning the realization of one’s completeness – this lesson illustrates this startling feature.

11. Example of Using I Ching* in Dream Interpretation.
Shows how one may use I Ching (Book of Changes) to help him/her decipher the meaning of a dream.

12. Dreams and Synchronicity.
Synchronicity, another important Jungian concept, is applied by him the the interpretation of a personal dream.

Quiz. There’s a final quiz you may take to test your acquired knowledge (not mandatory).

Bonuses. Several papers are offered free with this course:
1. Snake Symbolism in Dreams and Fantasies (PDF).
2. Child Symbolism in Dreams (PDF).
3. Mandala in Dreams (PDF).
4. The Meaning of Anima in Dreams (PDF).
5. The Meaning of Shadow in a Dream (PDF).
6. Dreams Dictionary (PDF).
Many papers will come soon…

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* I Ching – Book of Changes – is an ancient oracle-book used by the ancient Chinese sovereigns and made know in the modern West by Richard Wilhelm and Carl Jung.

Jung himself studied the I Ching to discover a collection of archetypes and illustrate his theory of synchronicity. He even wrote the introduction to the Wilhelm/Baynes English version to explain the functioning of the oracle and the meaning of its answers.

-> See also our I Ching course here.

I Ching
I Ching dyagram with the elements, the eight trigrams and the yin-yang symbol in the center. Image source: 123rf.com
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