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A 12-lesson course about the dream interpretation and individuation according to Carl Jung

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This course is designed to teach you the dream interpretation method of Carl Jung.

Why is dream interpretation important? Because, according to Jung's view, it is the best method of approaching the contents of the collective unconscious, thus leading us to the realization of the Self. In other words, it is about the self-development through the individuation process described by Jung.

We think you need to know how one should approach his dreams in order to handle this specific process of becoming one complete human being (or what Jung himself called it the fulfillment of one's very destiny!).

We also show you how to interpret a dream through I Ching* (Book of Changes), encouraging you to use this precious method.

You may choose the basic course or the workshop version (upon completing the course you may ask for assistance with one of your dreams dealt with according to the Jung's method).

Please note that no such course has been published on the net so far. We think you'll appreciate our effort and join us.

Course content and delivery. The course is made of 12 lessons sent as email messages directly to your email address on a schedule, that is, one lesson every two days.

Here are the lessons:


What is a Dream? (Jung's View)


Interpretation Features at Jung


On Compensation


Subject Level


On the Prospective Aspect


Method of Free Association


Amplification Method


Archetypes in Dreams (anima, animus, the Self)
+ The Meaning of Anima in Dreams (PDF)
+ The Meaning of Shadow in Dreams (PDF)


Example of a Dream Interpreted through Jungian Amplification


Dream Interpretation and the Individuation Process


Example of Using I Ching in Dream Interpretation


Dreams and Synchronicity

Quiz. There's an online quiz to test your acquired knowledge (not mandatory).

Bonus. Several bonuses are offered should you take this course now:

    - Snake Symbolism in Dreams and Fantasies - explains the meaning of the snake symbol (PDF);

    - Child Symbolism in Dreams - treats of Jung's approach of child symbolism in dreams (PDF);

    - new! Mandala in Dreams - offers examples of mandala occurence in dreams and explains their meaning (PDF);

    - Dictionary of Terms - explains the main terms related to the dream interpretation (PDF).

Online help. Whenever you need help with the course topics just send an email to J Jones. He'll reply in no time.

Cost: $25

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* I Ching (Book of Changes) is a divination tool created by Fu-Hsi, the Chinese cultural hero, and used by emperors and princes. Jung was very interested in the study of I Ching because he thought it provides a confirmation of his theories of archetypes and synchronicity. We already dedicated an entire course to the divination through I Ching, the method of dealing with it and the symbolism of its answers.

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