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Dream Interpretation Methods

A 10-lesson dream interpretation course for beginners

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The interpretation of dreams has fascinated mankind ever since its inception. Why? Because dreams were believed to be messages of divinity or prophecies about future events. In the modern age, dreams help us to discover the causes of neurosis (the repressed unconscious wishes) or, in Carl Jung's opinion, they describe the process of individuation, that is, the realization of our Self.

This course introduces you to the ideas about the function of dreams and the methods of interpretation from the earliest times until today.

In the end, you can even try to interpret one of your dreams with our help.

Home assignments. Several lessons require home assignments (not mandatory).

Course content and delivery. This course is made of ten lessons sent as email messages directly to your email address on a schedule, that is, one lesson every two days.

Online help and assistance. We help you with the course lessons should you need further assistance. Just send your questions to the course email address.



Dreams Interpretation in the Primitive World


Dream Interpretation in the Old Testament


Dream Interpretation at Artemidorus


The Classification of Dreams at Macrobius


The Psychoanalytic Approach: Sigmund Freud


Example of Dream Interpreted According to Freud's Method


Carl Jung and the Archetypal Dreams


Example of Dream Interpreted According to Jung's Method
+ Example of a premonitory dream that helped Jung to solve one of his cases.


Cicero and the Divinatory Dreams


St. Augustine about Dreams

Bonus. Should you take this course now we send you a free paper on a dream interpreted on three levels. (PDF).

Quiz. After completing the course, you may take our online quiz to test your acquired knowledge (not mandatory).

Cost: $25

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