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Jungian Analysis and Astrology

- The Dilemma of Avoiding or Healing -

The idea to compare astrology with the Jungian analysis(1) can seem inappropriate. Astrology is an occult science, some say a superstition, while Jungian approach developed through clinical experiences and thus rather near the modern sciences.

However, Jung studied astrology even if not necessarily from the perspective we present here.

Natal chart picture
Example of natal chart with
planets symbols
If we take into account Alfred Adler's theory regarding the compensation of the organic inferiority, the passion of a person for occultism, let's say, could be reduced to a severe myopia or to another dysfunction related to visual acuity.

However, if we study the chart of this person we will come over a situation like Saturn native in the second house, in Scorpion. We open the book of astrological aspects and read that this configuration predisposes among others to a taste for sorcery and occultism!

Psychoanalysis (the Freudian approach) can relate the frequent divorces and the difficulties with women, in general, to a fixation to the maternal image (the man always looks for his mother in his partner), to the fear of being swallowed (castrated) by a long term relationship etc. We think that we will always find such causes in the biography of the person marked by problems with the life partner.

Nevertheless, if we look at the natal chart we will probably find, for example, the Moon in Aries, in the VIII-th. house. We read in the book of aspects that this configuration predisposes to frequent breaking ups in the closed or friendship relationship's sphere and even to divorces, and so forth.

A transit of Saturn over Jupiter (conjunction) in the above-mentioned situation will lead to marriage (with a person marked by Jupiter) which lasts a while, to a changing of location and financial difficulties - the last ones are shown as well by other aspects of the personal chart.

A very critical character, a great moralist and even a good psychologist can be a person who has the Ascendant in Libra and Saturn in Scorpion, in the first house (of the Ascendant).

Finally, a person marked of violence and especially of sadism in love can have in his natal chart the Mars in Pisces, in the VI-th house.

We read in the book of aspects: the native has sadistic predisposition in love.

All these things can be foreseen (predicted) by the specialist who is very familiar with astrology and has a vast experience in interpretation.

Planets symbols picture
Planets symbols in Astrology
So we come to the question if we should cure analitically the problems mentioned above or we just try to foreseen and avoid them with the help of astrology?

Furthermore, this dilemma - avoiding or healing - invites us to believe that in reality we cannot treat what seems to be features determined by a person's destiny. And, of course, the analysis does not generally work with such (astrological) notions and neither with the precious information they assume.

The sadism in love, as in the above case with Mars in Pisces, does not seem to be a disease, and by no means a fixation to the anal stage of psychosexual development or a return to the outside objects of the destructive drive (according to the Freudian approach). This tendency, questionable from a moral point of view, is not a problem for the astrologer. It is a feature of the individual born with an astral chart including this tendency; thus something natural.

Of course, this finding may raise insoluble problems for the analytical approach.

Jung seems to have been over this dilemma - avoiding or healing - when he stated that what we should reach at the end of an analytical cure is not the (moral, ethical) perfection but the completeness . The last one is an amount of positive and negative features which were put together and live together well. The integration of the Evil is one of the force-ideas that lead the analytical work of Jung along the greatest part of his life.

1. Analytical psychology, the name Jung gave to his findings in the realm of the depth psychology.


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